Global Prospective School's facilitators are professional educators dedicated to developing life-long learners by instilling a love for learning in each student.  They utilize their combined teaching experience of over 20 years to plan and execute creative, dynamic and engaging lessons that impart both academic and social concepts, while individualizing instruction to ensure each student is being challenged at his or her level of development.

Global Prospective School

sophie de la paz


Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be a teacher. As a young girl I'd play teacher with my stuffed animals, and as I got older I enjoyed time spent assisting my teachers throughout high school and college. I have had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best educators in the country and have taught in some of the best schools in Palm Beach County. I have seen students feel defeated and lose their natural curiosity for learning simply because they were not in the learning environment that best suited them. As a classroom teacher I began to realize how prominent "teaching to the test" had become. I decided to make a change and create a learning environment where students are excited to learn.  I discovered, through my studies at Harvard's Project Zero conferences, that project based learning was just one way to ignite, excite, and build a growth mindset in my students. Today, I do more than teach to a test; I make a difference in the lives of children. Each morning I wake up to welcome new experiences, learn from my challenges, and inspire young minds to find their dreams and live them as well! My passion for service towards other fills them with enthusiasm to do the same.  My outgoing personality make their learning time fun and engaging, and my commitment to honor their spirit makes them feel as if they are the only ones in the room with me.  My goal for each child I am fortunate enough to work with is to empower them, to teach them to love who they are, to help guide their thinking and attitudes towards others -learning that with understanding, respect, and compassion we can all coexist in harmony. Global Prospective School was founded on these virtues.  Our students will learn the importance of service, culture, and academics in a uniquely designed format tailored to who they are.  They will be surrounded by two passionate, enthusiastic, and caring individuals who are committed to education.  There are many roles I could have taken on in my life, but I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.  I am blessed to wake up each day and truly LOVE what I am doing. For me, teaching is not just a job, it’s a part of my life’s work. 

Sophie De la Paz

annmarie mitchell


"I believe that children are our future,

Teach them well, and let them lead the way,

Show them all the beauty they possess inside,

Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier,

Let the children's laughter, remind us how we used to be"

-"The Greatest Love of All"

Seventeen years ago I was on my way to my first teaching interview and those lyrics played over and over in my mind.  Soon after, it became evident to me that those words were the essence of teaching. The children are our future and the teacher has the esteemed privilege of encouraging, inspiring, and fostering the prospect of our world.

For me, teaching is not a job, occupation, or career; rather, it is one of the greatest honors one can have.  It is a way of life and my greatest passion, other than being a Mom!  I have been fortunate to teach in both the public and private sector; and have been on each side of the spectrum, from an inner city elementary school in Tampa to a prestigious West Palm Beach academy. I have taught Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, and have also been a curriculum author and vice-principal. I have been nominated for the Disney Hand Teacher Award, but my most cherished commendations come from my previous students and their families.  There is no greater feeling than seeing a student several years after they've been a student in your class, and they can remember a particular lesson you've taught, or they feel comfortable sharing how you impacted them; or when the call you for extra help or guidance because your opinion still matters.

When things don't go as planned, my Uncle Larry always says, "It's an experience!"  The truth is, everything in life is an experience and a memory, and teachers have the gift to create incredible and beautiful ones for children every day.  We have the responsibility to guide them to find the "gift" in every experience.

As a teacher, my goals are:

  • Ensure that every student believes in their ability to accomplish whatever they set their mind to do.
  • Provide opportunities that allow students to recognize and celebrate their personal talents.
  • Encourage students to appreciate their great fortune.
  • Cultivate an environment and relationships where children feel comfortable taking risks with their learning, and for them to understand that mistakes provide opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Develop trust, confidence, and a lifelong connection with my students.

My students are my children for life!  I remember each one of them and am grateful to every one of them for the lessons they have taught me.  GPS is a product of what I have learned from them, and I developed it for all students who need that little extra-- be it a challenge, confidence, encouragement or recognition as an amazing person!