Global Prospective School

“The built environment plays such a pivotal role in how we think, work, and learn. Within the classroom setting, we have an even greater responsibility and opportunity to create a setting that fosters collaboration, inspires creative thinking, tells a narrative, and provides flexibility. "

~Erin Ferry

A school is equal to more than the sum of its parts. Holistic learning environments must provide elements that nurture both the physical and emotional realm. The Global Prospective School (GPS), in downtown West Palm Beach, fulfills a vision to provide an all encompassing learning space for students, and it is evident from the moment you walk in.

The classrooms' settings physically represent GPS's mission of growing students who embody intellectual virtues as well as developing a heightened self awareness. The spacious-naturally lit rooms covered in lilac paint are both welcoming and soothing and help students tap into their internal curiosity. Over fifty percent of the school's surfaces have been altered to allow students to share and collaborate ideas.  Whiteboard surfaces cover all tables and many walls have been painted in specialty paints to allow students to freely write and communicate ideas from various units of study. The entire school is adorned in student created pieces demonstrative of their learning. GPS's two couches in the library area invite students to lounge while reading and enables them to huddle close during morning readings and discussions. In addition, each student is provided a state-of-the-art netbook and personal email address to access Cloud technology to store assignments and build electronic portfolios.

This two room school house provides wide open spaces to enhance collaboration and team building skills as well as smaller nooks for independent study, vibrant rooms to inspire creativity, and rooms designed for use with green screen technology!

There is no doubt that the teachers of Global Prospective School have taken careful measures to ensure that the physical landscape and design of the school have been carefully crafted to fuel intellectually curious children, stimulate their senses, and promote internal growth and development. This is a place where highly creative, talented, and gifted students can thrive!


We are located in the heart of this beautiful city! The downtown area is rich with opportunities for our students. From local museums and theaters to incredible outdoor scenery which includes murals, lush landscapes, and the water front, our students take full advantage of all of the city's amenities.

Global Prospective School is fully integrated with community and works with other downtown business owners to offer our students internship opportunities in various fields.

Downtown West Palm Beach