Global Prospective school

The summer program at Global Prospective School follows the year-round project based learning model. Every summer students from all over Palm Beach County join GPS for 6 weeks to learn through hands on projects that are either community service or STEM oriented.  

Summer Program

Summers at GPS provide ​students with a combination of direct instruction in language arts, math, social studies and science AND a project based learning format that teaches: collaboration, leadership, communication, and creativity. Students often direct their learning through voice and choice activities, placing the learning in THEIR hands.  Summers at GPS give Palm Beach County students a chance to experience what learning should be: driven through curiosity, engaging, and fun!

Parents, sign your child up for the summer session at GPS if you want your child to:

  • practice reading, writing, and math skills
  • explore social studies through engaging history lessons
  • conduct science experiments
  • socialize in a safe and nurturing environment
  • practice working collaboratively as part of a team 
  • improve problem solving skills
  • be creative
  • avoid summer slide
  • ​and just have fun!

July 9, 2019- Aug. 8, 2019